StarCraft Windows, Mac, N64 game

boxshot - StarCraft Windows, Mac, N64 game

UPDATE #2 – The major update will be indefinitely postponed, stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE – It seems that the mod didn’t make it to the Top 100 of Moddb’s Mod of the Year Awards 2019, but I thank you all for supporting this mod since release. Update 1.5 is still around the corner, with major changes and new additions next year!

Moddb – Mod of the Year

You can help us win by going to our profile on ModDB and clicking the ‘Vote’ button on the red banner. Your continuous support is what keeps us going. We’re counting on you this year as well!

Maporino! 2019 – Seizure of Systems

In the other news, I have made a Maporino submission special for the third mission, Seizure of Systems, and it’s going well. Maporino! 2019 (the ! is mandatory) is a single player and co-op mapmaking contest hosted by Jayborino and Deltron. You can download the submission here:

Development Update Status

When I resume development of version 1.5, I am excited to show you new two new units for the Zerg race, a new melee AI, and finally finish the C.I.S. campaign. It is unfortunate that 1.5 will not come out this year, but it will be released sometime when it’s ready.

Thanks for reading!

– Razorback


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