StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

- StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Excellent game with immense modding future. The single player is great and original(although the story is not.) The Multiplayer is also great as the game has achievements, a massive esports community, and great custom game features.

10/10 campaign
10/10 story
10/10 graphics
08/10 Co-op missions
02/10 multiplayer

Very very fun and VERY mod friendly i love it.

Good graphics, poor optimization, many useless units and bad ideas, storiline is few ugly, but many huor saving game, and voice acting is fery good too. Also game is too short.

looks like a game from 2002

preserves the feeling of the original one. Classic and fluid gameplay, just one of the best RTS ever made.

classic game improved to perfection


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