Star Wars: Squadrons

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I’m playing this game with a PSVR headset and a Thrustmaster 4 Hotas flight stick. The only reason I bought this game was for the VR experience. If you have VR and a Hotas then it is so much fun it’s ridiculous. This is by far one of the best PSVR experiences to date! The immersion and VR fun factor in this game makes you almost overlook all the negatives. To be able to feel like your in a real cockpit in outer space is just beyond words on how awesome it feels.

The buttons on the Hotas are all mapped wrong but they let you re-map them so once I got everything to my liking then it became really easy and fun to fly. I’ve read complaints from other Hotas users that they were having issues or that they couldn’t connect at all. I’m not having any issues like that with my Hotas so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

If you don’t have VR and a Hotas then I highly recommend you not buy this game. I can’t even imagine trying to play this on a flat screen with a regular controller. Like others have said, it’s the same thing over and over with each mission. Start the mission and kill bad guys. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s also annoying switching between the rebels and the empire every couple of missions. I would have preferred to play the entire campaign from one perspective only and then start over and play from the other perspective.

The SJW wokeness is unbearable. It even sours the VR experience a little, especially when you are on the bridge getting your briefing and you look around the room at your team mates and you think to yourself “wow the developers really despise people like me”. In their drive to be politically correct and inclusive they simply eliminated white males completely.

So in conclusion I give the VR side of this game a 10 out of 10. Playing this with a VR headset and Hotas controller is the only way I would ever play this and for that it was money well spent because I’m going to keep coming back to this game.

If you don’t have VR then I don’t think you’re going to enjoy this very much unless you are such a big Star Wars fan that the nostalgia factor overrides all the negatives of this game much like the VR makes you not care about the same type of missions over and over.

Lastly, for the love of God EA when are you going to stop doing this get woke, go broke thing? Enough of your stupid radical left wing politics in your video games. People want to be entertained and not preached to. There is no reason why you should inject your identity politics into video games. Imagine someone constantly preaching their religion to you and telling you how bad you are and how you are going to hell if you do this and don’t do that. That’s what you are doing with your “woke religion”. Preach, preach, preach, preach. Enough already!


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