Parent reviews for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

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i think r6s is a great and fun game that teaches you how to communicate with your team to get the best out of the game.
the violence is there and noticeable there is never any gore (except in some cutscenes which are skippable for example the cutscene for Kapcan one of the r6 operators is kinda disturbing with the main character talking while behind a mostly blinded glass window some of the bad guys are walking only to be exploded in a shower of blood on the glass but like i said these are skippable) in terms of bad language there is some mild language in game including one f-bomb from thermite and you will hear swearing from other people online but if you are with your kid/turn off voice chat when you are not with them it will be ok…
as long as you think your child/teen can handle the mild violence/language then it will be ok.

one last thing in the outback map you can find a sign of a stripper pole with an arrow. although even if you follow the arrow you never see anything.

thats it from me sorry it was long but i just thought you all aught to know.


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