Gametrailers: Starcraft 2 Review

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nnotdead3865d ago

sorry i am going to have to skip this game. only got into 2 RTSs and Starcraft was one of them. my Activision ban is what is stopping me, so unless my cousin, the only other PC gamer i know, i won’t be playing this anytime soon. the $60 price tag alone is enough to remind me why i boycott Activision.

just don’t understand gamers. we all bitched about Activision but people still buy their games. PC gamers always proclaim how great it is to get games cheaper than consoles, and if publishers where to charge the same as on consoles we would revolt.

when it comes time to show the power of the consumer we buckle, and prove that the publisher have all the power. lets be honest, Activision has under charged for this game. 95% of the people would of gladly paid $75-100


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