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While this has the relentless and fast-paced action the series is known for, this sci-fi first-person shooter sequel has added some depth to its combat. In Doom Eternal, the events of the previous game have led to a demonic occupation of Earth. It’s a good thing you’re the Doomslayer. Not only do you have an assortment of guns and other weapons, you can now customize them, your armor, and yourself in interesting ways, and thus take on your enemies based on your choices and play style. What’s new in this bloody adventure is that, because there’s not a lot of resources lying around, you now have to perform violent finishing moves on your enemies to get them to drop whatever supplies they might have in their pockets. Also, if you play the new online mode, Battlemode, you can be not only the Doomslayer, but also one of two demons trying to destroy him.

Although all the new layers to the gameplay make the action interesting, and it still has the same kind of fast and furious shooting this series has always excelled at, it does have some minor issues. Its story is somewhat shallow, and it would’ve been more effective if the gun battles were set in the ruins of famous world cities instead of generic-looking locations. Similarly, the jumping and climbing parts — which now include the ability to cling to and jump off of certain cliff faces — work fine, but these traversal sections are the game’s weakest moments. Still, these aren’t so much issues as they are bummers, and only slightly take away from the unrelenting and unforgiving fun that is Doom Eternal.


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