Company of Heroes 2

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With the introduction of the meta map we get ourselves a nice variety of challenges. We still have those old school missions that we know and love(?) from the previous games in this series. Although the developers spiced them up a little. You get side objectives and completing them gives you bonus experience and requisition that helps you on the long run. These could be anything between finding and eliminating a german officer in the marked area, or stealing left behind enemy intel and getting it back to our base.

Not just secondary objectives that we get, we have major objectives or as they call them “engagement pits”. In these we will be tasked to carry out various missions. These are pretty varied too, starting with the classic capture and hold all victory points in the map to lower the tickets our enemies have. It seems pretty boring but it’s a nice twist on the well known multiplayer objective. Except the aforementioned objective type, most of it revolves around fuel and supplies or denying them to the enemy. In one match you are tasked to collect supplies dropped randomly on the map before the enemy does. Or you have to repair and refuel abandoned vehicles and with the help of those destroy the enemy.

Before a battle we get a little briefing in the form of a little video. This explains us what our objectives are, how many enemies we will encounter, how are their defenses and so on. After each battle we get a tiny sitrep which consist of how much experience our company got and how much men we lost in the process. Also sometimes our company leader will reflect on these things, being angry if we lost too much men and being happy if we didn’t.

All in all the developers really spiced up the matches. I wish the original campaign was this good. It really gives you space to experiment with your tactics, use different companies to complete a particularly annoying mission and so on.


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